I'm sorry I just don't see it. Never in Boxing history has the caliber of fighters between 160-175 been weaker, worse, or anything else you want to call it. This is a fact not an opinion, but you have exactly 3 fighters who could be considered great, (Jones, Hopkins and Trinidad who has only fought 3 times at 160).

Just do this; put Moore, Foster, Spinks, Qawi or Saad in with every single opponent Roy Jones has fought. Not only would everyone of them be undefeated but, they'd have scored more convincing wins and KO's! I only went back to Moore however I'm sure their are others who I could make the same claim. I have absolutely no doubt that the above Light Heavyweight's wouldn't lose to one of the opponents that Jones  fought if they fought them the night he did! Could you picture Fat James Toney going 12 with Archie Moore? How about Eric Lucas going 10 with Bob Foster ? David Telesco taking Michael Spinks to a decision? Reggie Johnson taking Dwight Muhammad Qawi the full route? Would Matthew Saad Muhammad and Rick Frazier even get sanctioned? If you agree that the fighters listed go through the fighters Jones has fought, then what's all the fuss over Roy Jones? His perception and flash?

I'm so sick and tired of hearing what a great “boxer” Jones is. Like Muhammad Ali, he is very flawed fundamentally. Neither one of them bothered to learn basics. They always relied on their speed and ability to cover and out run the mistakes. THE DIFFERENCE……..Ali fought in the greatest era in HW history and was effected by a forced exile during his prime. When his speed started to erode Ali's shortcomings as a “boxer” became apparent. Unfortunately Jones has skated in a brutally awful division.

Also, many boxing writers, historians and fans confuse movement and boxing. This is wrong. Just because a guy uses his legs doesn't mean he's a good boxer. In fact most of the time it's wasted movement. Circling and lateral movement doesn't equate to boxing all the time. Jones has a push jab and a pot-shot right hand. He jumps in and out with lunging left-rights and lead rights. I would love to see him  attempt those moves versus any of the above? He has a very good and fast left hook and he is a good body puncher. The problem is most of the time when he cuts loose he's looking to get out, thus nullifying his punch. Ali also did this at times. And please, the body punch he caught Virgil Hill with was lighting in a bottle. You could watch fights for the next 10 years and not see that kind of shot again.

That he gets so much praise. When I hear people talk about Roy Jones, I picture Sugar Ray Leonard at Welterweight. Leonard at welterweight was superior to Jones. All that Jones can do better than Leonard is run, something Leonard never did. Sugar Ray Leonard was a better boxer than Jones, I believe he is tougher, (although I can't prove it) and a much better puncher at 147 than Jones was anywhere from 160-175. I even think Leonard was faster because he committed to his punches and followed through, Jones in my opinion slaps most of his punches.

I know I'm in the minority regarding Roy Jones, but that's just what I see. He can KO all the Glen Kelly's in the world, it proves nothing to me. I don't even enjoy watching his fights (I'm usually bored after the third round) . I'm also sick of hearing the broadcasters gushing and trying to tell me what I'm watching is something so spectacular that I may never see it again.

If I want to see spectacular I'll put in a tape of Sugar Ray Leonard at welterweight. In my humble opinion Leonard at 147 is head an shoulders above Roy Jones at any weight! Yes Jones is a great talent/fighter but, don't even mention him as a top 7 or 8 all-time great Light Heavyweight! And don't give me the crap he's not a true Light Heavyweight because he is. Go back and check the weights that Michael Spinks and Saad Muhammad weighed in at… How bout 172-174 just as Jones. I musta forgot ! What did I miss to forget?