Chad Dawson Now Training With Manny Steward

BY TSS Press ON December 30, 2010


TOTOWA, NJ (December 30, 2010) – Former WBC and IBF light heavyweight champion CHAD DAWSON will be under new stewardship when he begins preparations for his rematch against WBC light heavyweight titlist Jean Pascal early next year.  Hall of Fame trainer EMANUEL STEWARD has agreed to join Dawson’s corner as head trainer.

Steward has trained 41 world champion fighters, including Tommy Hearns, Lennox Lewis, Oscar De La Hoya, Wladimir Klitschko and Miguel Cotto.

“I have always been a big fan of Chad’s and I think he will bring excitement back to the light heavyweight division and to boxing,” said Steward.  “I am not interested in winning decisions.  I’m concussion crazy. I only want Chad to win by knockouts and I know that’s what he wants to do too.  HBO’s investment in Chad is going to pay off big dividends and his stock will be a “strong buy” in 2011, especially after he destroys Pascal in their rematch.

“It was very frustrating watching Chad, who I think has an enormous amount of talent, fighting the wrong type of fight against Pascal,” continued Steward.  “At this stage of my career, I’m only going to work with fighters who can achieve greatness and I see greatness in Chad Dawson. Chad Dawson will regain his light heavyweight title and perhaps add titles in the super middleweight and cruiserweight divisions.  He is that talented.”

“This is a great holiday gift for Chad and his fans,” said his promoter Gary Shaw.  “Chad needed a change in direction and we think Manny Steward is the perfect tonic.  Manny is simply GREAT! He brings a lot of world championship success and experience with him.  While promoting Lennox Lewis, I had the pleasure of watching his training methods firsthand. To say I was impressed would be a gross understatement.  I know he will help Chad fulfill all his potential in becoming a complete top pound for pound fighter.  Manny has vowed to bring Chad’s potent offense to the forefront when he challenges Pascal in their rematch next spring.

“Much of Chad’s past success is owed to his former trainer Eddie Mustafa Muhammad. But as they say, styles make fights, not just inside the ring but inside the gym and after reflecting on several issues following the Pascal fight, a change in trainer seemed to be the prudent decision.  However, with that said, I have the utmost respect for Eddie as a man and as a professional.”

Dawson (29-1, 17 KOs), from New Haven, Conn., boasts victories over world champions Antonio Tarver (2). Glen Johnson (2), Tomasz Adamek and Carl Daniels.

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ali says:

Great move by Chad Dawson he's going to put major hands on Pascal in the rematch. All he had to do in the first fight was let his hands go and he would have stop him Manny will make sure that doesn't happen again.

Radam G says:

Great, great move for Super Bad Chad Dawson. Da great pugilistic guru Manny Steward will have Dawson doing the right things and fighting tall, insteading of trying to fight like he is 5'6 7/8 Money May [exaggerated fight height of 5'8]. YUP, RIGHT! Eddie Mustapha Muhammad is a Money May groupie and not fit to train a talented tall boxer as Chad. Holla!

the Roast says:

@ Fe'Roz, nice! If Manny can teach aggression we will all be happy.

brownsugar says:

What's up Ali?,.. welcome(it's been a while).........BHop is doing his best to mount a publicity campaign to halt the Dawson/Pascal fight as an exercise in futility between two losers......primarily because Bhop knows his rematch against Pascal will likely fly out the window if Dawson gets to him first. Dawson has unsuccessfully called out BHop and Calzaghe for years... if Dawson beats BHop don't expect any noise from Bhop who will likely go back to taunting Adamek and Haye as if those fights could ever be made. Stewart is the perfect Mentor for Dawson and an excellent influence to help guide Dawson on his activities outside of the ring. I think Mustafa is a good teacher but Manny Stewart is a born Leader and that's what Dawson needs right now. Don't blame Stewart for Jermaine Taylors demise against Pavlik,.. it had been widely reported that Taylor and Steward didn't mesh well as a team and had many conflicts about the training process. Mustafa had Dawson wearing an exo suit that exerted up to 75 lbs of pressure on every limb in Dawsons body in preparations for the Pascal fight... Stewart would have found Dawson some fleet footed agile sparring partners. Dawson would have entered the fight better acclimated for Pascals hit-and-run pseudo-style of ambush of boxing. Sinde Dawson has named Steward as his trainer, Pascal has changed his stance again and now wants to fight Bhop before Dawson... The announcement of Dawsons' new trainer has both Pascal and Bhop "shook".

brownsugar says:

meant to say "if Dawson beats Pascal"

brownsugar says:

I'm gonna agree with much of what you said Fe'Roz,.. Dawson clearly looked very uncomforable getting hit, ....even by the light blows in his loss to Pascal... his attitude appeared to be "don't you know I'm on the P4P list?,.. well act like it and lose". But boxers should be aware that being on the P4P list makes things harder ...not easier as challengers come in ready to give 110% and are likely to go for broke. Guys like Ali knew this and came prepared to rise to the occassion. Stewart cannot give Dawson any of those intangibles,.. but he can provide an excellent foundation for improving Dawsons technique... In the past Dawson has been knocked down,.. rocked,.. stunned and seriously hurt... but he always came back to give more than he got... If he truly wants it,.. I think Dawson can rediscover his fighting spirit again... and shed the swollen ego he's seemed to have been burdened with since getting on the P4P list.. it'll be interesting to see how he rebounds

the Roast says:

I thought earlier in Dawson's career he might be a star but he has fizzled. He is the King of Reluctant Fighters. That Pascal-Dawson fight should have been good but it wasnt. Dawson must step up his game. Manny has to teach him to go balls to the wall. That's a fighter pilot term.

the Roast says:

Ahh... Diego. With blood spurting out of the side of his face against Casamayor he still wanted to fight. Maybe Dawson should hire Joe Goosen and one of his loud shirts. "You gotta get in there now"

the Roast says:

I will. I love that type of thing.

brownsugar says:

What an applicable term Roast,.......Balls to the Wall, Hell Bent for Leather, .....and Pedal to the Metal should all be apart of Dawsons vocabulary as he struggles to climb back into contention.

DaveB says:

B-Sug is on target. Dawson should beat Pascal in a rematch. Dawson's problem is in the fact that the has always fought in spurts and allowed the other fighter to get back in the match. When you try to figure out what a fighter will do, you always base it on what they are capable of, not actually knowing what will happen at fight time. Fighters have a way of talking a good game but then freezing up and not letting their hands go. It is frustrating watching them do that. It is my belief that if Pascal had of let his hands go he would have beat Hopkins easily. I remember in Ali's days how he would get into the head of fighters. Pascal could of and should of thrown more than 29 punches per round. If Dawson throws the punches he will be back in the winner's circle. If he doesn't he'll be crying one more time. Pascal is just a B- fighter. Dawson is probably a B+ and should get the victory.

brownsugar says:

Good to seem a familiar face DaveB. hope everything is going well. look forward to hearing more of your comments in 2011

Joe says:

Manny Steward - "That was a good round there". "Get your shots off".
"Get this mamajamma out here, this mamajama is dangerous" He's a good trainer. I'd like to have him in my corner if I was 6 Ft 5 inches and had a piece of the heavyweight title or The Motor City Cobra.

Editor Mike says:

Great, great move for Super Bad Chad Dawson. Da great pugilistic guru Manny Steward will have Dawson doing the right things and fighting tall, insteading of trying to fight like he is 5'6 7/8 Money May [exaggerated fight height of 5'8]. YUP, RIGHT! Eddie Mustapha Muhammad is a Money May groupie and not fit to train a talented tall boxer as Chad. Holla!

How come? What does he do, or not do, correctly?

Editor Mike says:

Google it. It will tell you every you want to know about Diego and remind you of everything you love about boxing. I want to say to Chad that "I knew Diego Corrales...and you my man are no Diego!" Then again there are few others like him.

You can list the other site, no sweat!

Radam G says:

AS there are slightly delusional, hyped-up fighters, there are slightly delusional, hyped-up trainers. Matter of fact, there are trainers who should be banned for life for perpretrating a fraud as a boxing trainer. Eddie Mustapha Muhammad is marginal and decepted. He was better than a good boxer, but tends to exaggerate that he was one of the greatest amateurs and professionals of all times but the powers that be would cheat him. To this day, he doesn't and won't ever admit that the great Jesse Valdez owned him as an amateur. And that Michael "Slim" aka "Spinks Jinx" Spinks owned him as a professional. Nowadays, as a trainer, he is fascinated with Pops Joy May and Money May, and thinks that "da shoulder roll," as he calls it, is the greatest form of boxing ever. EMM is in competition with PJM of trying to teach everybody and dey momma that type of fighting. Money May beat the hell out of EMM's fighter named Ishe Smith, than EMM lies to the media that he has seen Money May walk down middleweights and light heavyweights. What da fudge! Toothpick-legged Smith, the cat that EMM is hyping about, should be fighting welterweight or light welterweight. He's a lazy arse and doesn't eat a boxing diet, or he would not be a fatty in training camps with Money May, who he tries to emulate. And EMM should quit being a PJM and MM groupie. Holla!

Ray Markarian says:

No matter what he says, I d be shocked if Pascal gives B. Hop a rematch anytime soon. If he does, I give him respect. Most fighters in Pascal's position; young champion, huge fan base, and multiple other options, would take the draw that he received and run.

riverside says:

Good move, New year, New Bad Chad. he is got mad talent.

the Roast says:

@Fe'Roz, I read that article. Very cool to read about the fight from that perspective. It inspired me to watch the fight again. I wish I could have seen Diego's brother's face during that brawl. That had to be gut-wrenching. Somebody ought to make a documentary about that night. I noticed Joe Goosen has a nasty cut on his left index finger knuckle. The kind you get when you punch a wall or something. Hmmm.... I wonder if we'll ever know.

brownsugar says:

@ Roast and Fe'Roz,.... I watched it too,.. in a slow month,.. I'll look up bouts that I missed on youtube so it' seemed like a good suggestion (awesome),.. I think Fe'Roz saw this on PPV, but if anyone else has missed it , check out Soto vs Antillon,.. it'll remind you a little of Corrales also and what the meaning of "heart" truly is. @Riverside, I'm with you on that one!

the Roast says:

@ Sug, I'll check that fight (Soto-Ant) next weekend. Another slow one. First FNF coming up. It's gonna stay slow until Bradley-Alexander. That should be worth the wait. I keep seeing Bradley crashing to the canvas vs Holt. Urango flying off his feet from that uppercut. We'll see.

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