Briggs/Liakhovich Meet The Press

BY Robert Ecksel ON October 31, 2006

Sergei Liakhovich calls Shannon Briggs “Pineapple-Head�

Shannon Briggs, ranked #3 by the WBO, had an open workout today at the Central Boxing Club in preparation for his challenge to WBO heavyweight champ Sergei Liakhovich at Chase Field in Phoenix Saturday night.

Shannon BriggsWhen Briggs and his camp entered the gym wearing t-shirts with the words “The Great Black Hope� emblazoned on the back and “Shannon Briggs, Made in Brooklyn, USA � on the front, his six-guns were blazing

“People are talking about all of these Russian heavyweights. I am the Great Black Hope,� said Briggs for those unaccustomed to reading tees. “Rahman was the last line of defense. Now I am the first line of offense.

“I have sparred 108 rounds to prepare for this. I fight three guys every day and on Saturday night there will only be one – so it will be easy. I have scored 29 first-round knockouts and I plan to have 30 after I get done with Liakhovich on Saturday.

“If he is still there after the first round, I will be surprised,� Briggs said unsurprisingly. “I’m going to kick his ass on Saturday night.�

(Briggs then quipped: “Was I supposed to say kick his butt?�)

WBO heavyweight champion Sergei Liakhovich entered the gym shortly after Briggs and his team’s departure.

“Briggs says he is going to make short work of me?� asked Liakhovich. “No, the truth is, that if his strategy is going to be to come at me and throw a lot of punches, it is going to be a short night for him. Briggs better be ready and tell him to bring it all. That will make for an exciting fight.�

“This fight is very important for me. I fought many different types of fighters in my amateur career, so I am ready for anything. Brewster was better than any of the other heavyweight champions and I beat him. I love boxing – it is a great sport. Boxing is my job, and I love my job.�

Regarding the venue, a major league ballpark in Phoenix, The White Wolf, who makes his home in Arizona, said, “I’ve watched baseball at Chase Field many times. It will be very exciting to fight there. The ring will be set up on the pitcher’s mound. I will be the pitcher and he will be the catcher.�

Prior to leaving the gym this afternoon, Liakhovich parting words were, “I call Briggs ‘Pineapple-Head.’ Hey, that’s what he looks like.â€? Read more at the BLOG 

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