Boxing News: Boxing Gloves In Nevada

BY Editor ON January 19, 2005

At a meeting on Wednesday, the Nevada Athletic Commission discussed the issue of standardization for boxing gloves worn in bouts in the state.

The most contentious issue concerning gloves is the need for both fighters in a boxing match to wear the same brand of glove in Nevada. Most recently, this was an issue when Erik Morales faced Marco Antonio Barrera. Presently, the champion has the right to choose the brand of boxing gloves to be worn by both boxers in a title fight. On the night of Morales-Barrera, it almost became a deal-breaking issue as Barrera refused to wear the Winning gloves, unmodified. A compromise was eventually reached and the bout went ahead as scheduled.

As reported by Kevin Iole in the Las Vegas Review Journal, Executive Director Marc Ratner - as a result of past controversies - would like the Commission to reconsider the rule requiring fighters to wear the same brand of boxing gloves.

In another interesting development, the Commission has requested Dr. Margaret Goodman investigate the affect of fighters wearing different colored boxing gloves in a bout - a practice which seems to becoming more and more common of late. The question is whether the color of the gloves may give a fighter an advantage, as a result of how certain colors may affect the judges' and the other fighter's ability to see punches.

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