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Gotta love the double-standards in boxing. 'Come on up to 168, Gennedy, it's only 8lbs.' Followed by 'There's no way I'm going up 7lbs to fight Kovalev.' Not knocking Ward, but he's not giving up any advantages. He fought the Super6 in his home country, forced Dawson down to 168 (though to be fair he took his last fight when the guy failed to make weight). He should've been over at Wembley demanding a Froch rematch, the reason he didn't was because though he knows 50% of the Froch pot is more than he can make anywhere else, he wouldn't dream of fighting in England. As I say, Ward is giving up nothing. His career, his prime is passing him by. GGG's big fights are at 154lb or wherever Cotto/PBF/Canelo end up. Ward's big fights are Froch or a move to 175. HBO should grow some balls and realise the power it has. It should tell Kovalev and Ward to fight each other or they won't be on HBO anymore. It's win-win. So what if they walk, there's no-one else for them to fight anyway (under contract with HBO) and it's two less problems to worry about. Kovalev's last fight and his coming one are ESPN fights, not HBO quality. HBO - If you can't make'em fight each other - let 'em go.


Bernie Campbell:

Bout time somebody say something! estrada, small in stature as compared to his weight! has never been in a bad fight since Ive been observing him! The guy looked like he was robbed against Tomaz Adamek at the prudential some years back during Adameks ascent! Great boxer, tough as nails, i do not ever understand all things considered during his tenure, hes only had about 30 fights! Could and should be ranked in the top ten considering his abilities and lack of opportunity!


Editor Mike:

OUCH! Wow....Ouch for Estrada. "In case you missed it, former U.S. Olympian Jason Estrada was in action this past Saturday (July 26). The U.S. super heavyweight in the 2004 Olympiad, Estrada opposed Steve Vukosa in the 8-round main event of a show at Boston's Royale Nightclub.

Estrada, who entered with a 20-4 record, carrying 254 pounds, had a splendid amateur career that included a gold medal in the Pan-American games where he defeated the Cuban fighter that would squash his Olympic dreams when they met up again in Athens. This was his first pro fight in 20 months. In the interim, he reportedly had ACL surgery.

Estrada's opponent, Steve Vukosa, weight unannounced, was a 37-year-old bus driver who had been inactive for 12 (!) years. Vukosa copped a majority decision, improving his record to 9-0.

It seems like only yesterday that Estrada performed well in defeat in a bout with Tomasz Adameck, a contest that drew a sellout crowd of 10,000-plus to Newark's Prudential Center. The attendance at Saturday's show was pegged at five hundred.

This was a double wammy for Estrada as the promoter of record was his own production company, Big Six Promotions. He lost the fight and undoubtedly lost money. Ouch."



Quillin is a huge disappointment.

I like the kid but in the ring he is dragging *** on quality competition.



Golovkin is not ducking anybody. As pointed out in a previous post, his handlers have time and time again said he is willing to go from 154 to 168 to fight anyone.

Chavez appears at least for the moment to be targeting a fight with Froch. Its Chavez though, so who really knows if it will happen or not but at least signs are today that is the direction he is headed. Canelo and Cotto seem on a collision course and neither will want anything to do with Golovkin for the time being. Ward is battling in court with his promoter so who knows when he will actually fight again. Oscar De La Hoya was making Quillin available but Quillin is also advised by Al Haymon. I doubt Haymon looks to put his undefeated belt holder in with Golovkin.

Its not Golovkin ducking the big fights. He wants them. He agreed very early on in the Chavez negotiations to terms. But other fighters and their managers want nothing to do with Golovkin at this time.


Radam G:

"GGG's Handlers continue to say they'll fight anyone from 154-168 and Andre Ward is the biggest fish in the sea at 168, and he's repeatedly said in numerous interviews that he'll fight Golovkin...

GGG's team was ready to go with a Chavez fight and he's practically a light heavyweight, so you can't say that Andre Ward is too big..."

It is not the size of the fighter. It is the size of the money. With Chavez Junior Time, one can super size the purse. With SOG Ward, you won't get Jack. Just maybe a doctor and nurse. But you never know. You may need an undertaker and a hearse. Holla!



GGG's Handlers continue to say they'll fight anyone from 154-168 and Andre Ward is the biggest fish in the sea at 168, and he's repeatedly said in numerous interviews that he'll fight Golovkin...

GGG's team was ready to go with a Chavez fight and he's practically a light heavyweight, so you can't say that Andre Ward is too big...


Radam G:

Ouch! Check out the eventual body shot of Bimbo Spice -- I mean Kimbo Slice. Hehehe! Holla!



I don't think Ward wants to move up but if he does there are 4 guys he can choose from. Hopkins ,Stevenson, Kovalev, Pascal. The money is there for any of those fights.

If he stays at 168 there is only Froch, who Hearn says there is no money in it. Hey how about Dirrell? He backed out of a fight with Ward already. After he beats up on Biosse why not bang the drums for a Ward fight?



"I'd like to take you up on that bet my brother.

I say Ward beats him, 11-1, someone thing like that. I haven't seen Ward really lose a round since Bika -- and the judge called that a shut out!"

I'd love to see the fight and personally do think Duva and Kovalev would accept the challenge without any second thoughts. Duva believes Kovalev is the real deal and Kovalev himself believes in his abilities. They make the fight if presented to them, no question in my mind. I don't think Ward wants anything to do with Kovalev but I could be wrong.

Ward has won the majority of rounds he has fought since the Bika fight. But then again, there has been a lot of inactivity from him since that fight as well. I do think Froch squeaked out a couple rounds but that's been about it.

Kovalev is different than anyone Ward has ever faced. I think his gets to Ward and that power and constant pressure break Ward down. Its a very interesting fight and one that I really hope we one day see.



"The burden of proof isn't on me, buddy. You still haven't shown sh*t.

You said he's twice as good. I'd like to see that because I don't believe that to be the case. Then I'd like to see how Dirrell has stagnated.

And of course he fights the same way, that's his style.

As I mentioned, to me, the obvious improvement, at to the very least, is that he's able to go 12 rounds. As we saw with Lomachenko, fighting in the amateurs and in the pros are two different things.

He improved from the Salido fight by adapting to the longer fights. I consider that an improvement, which effectively ices your argument that he's stagnated.

And you don't think he has world level skills? That's just bogus.

He beat Carl Froch on one card in Nottingham. And while this obviously holds less weight, he used to beat up Chad Dawson in sparring when Dawson was undefeated.

But again, the burden of proof isn't on me. I never made the claim he's made the same improvements that you believe GGG has made.

All I said prior to Saturday is that I think he can beat GGG (not that he will for certain) and I told you why.

And of course he still can -- anything can happen in that ring -- and even after this performance, I still think Dirrell presents stylistic problems for him, based on the man' own testimonies and the fact that he's beaten him before.

Would he be the favorite? Probably not. Do I think he troubles him? Yes. Do I think GGG may stop him? Yes. We don't know till they're in the ring.

And when you say holla at you with some facts, I'd like for you to heed your own advice and stop deflecting and outright lying.

And thanks for clearing up the "master" part.

And likewise. Always a pleasure.


I will say I thought Dirrell beat Froch in the UK. I had the fight very close but thought Dirrell edged it out.

That fight against Froch looks all the more impressive given what Froch has accomplished since. Dirrell's speed caused Froch problems all night. If Dirrell is anywhere close to where he was for that Froch fight, I could see him giving a lot of fighters trouble.

The thing with Dirrell to me is the inactivity. He has fought just twice since his March 2010 win against Abraham and those fights were against very low level opponents. Where is Dirrell at today as far as his skills go? What does he have left? He may have a lot left or he may have lost something. I don't know and neither does anyone until we start seeing him fight again.

Dirrell is going to be back in action on Friday night against Vladine Biosse. Biosse is a trialhorse but better than any of the two fighters that Dirrell has faced since the Abraham fight. In his last two fights, Biosse was dominated and lost pretty much every minute of every round to J'Leon Love and Callum Smith. Love got the stoppage in the 10th and Biosse took Smith the distance just a few weeks ago.

If Dirrell blows Biosse away early, well that may signify that Dirrell could cause some serious threat. But more telling, if Dirrell has any struggles against Biosse, that would signify that he has lost something during this layoff.

Dirrell is s total mystery to me at 168. Its hard to pass judgment right now on how he'd fare against the better fighters until we start seeing him in action again on a consistent basis.



Nice job Roast!


The Commish:

"Yep Jennings and Perez caused me to nod a few times and I had been looking forward to the fight all week .
I even nodded again when I tried to watch it but I nodded on different rounds which enabled me to technically see the full fight although I had to piece it together from memory like a jigsaw puzzle.

But there was nothing puzzling about my impression.... A fat lethargic Cuban getting "Algierie'd" by a rank novice...there's something blasphemous about that.

Bring on Stiverne vs Wilder to wash out the foul after taste from my mouth."

You weren't the only one nodding off. A few scribes at ringside were also drifting off during those 12 brutal rounds. One of them, in a sleep-log fog in front of me, snapped up when referee Dock took a point in the 12th round.

"What just happened?" he asked, to writers around him.

Sound of them didn't know.

They were sleeping, too!

-Randy G.


The Commish:

I saw Joe Frazier and the KZnockouts in a lounge act on Long Island, circa mid-70's. While I think he all agree he was no Lou Rawls, Frank Sinatra or even comparable to any legendary crooner, he was Smokin' Joe Frazier. He gave you his best inside the ring and out. That's how he lived his life. After the show, he stood in the lobby and signed autographs and took photos with anybody who wanted one.

I remember hearing people, on my way out to the parking lot, saying that they got their money's worth at the show.

Damn, I really miss Smokin' Joe!

-Randy G.


The Commish:

A big congrats, tR. Here's to another 2,000!

-Randy G.



I read a pretty decent article about all this in a science magazine years ago and found it fascinating, as without doubt (in my personal view too) it seems to be theory that holds water."

Could you share the link? Thanks!



WBC is slipping. Senior would have let the others fight for either welter or super welter belt and award Floyd with pearls n' fairy dust sprinkled total welter control champ belt. But junior is young. Give him time to figure this one out..


The Shadow:

"Which bit?

The part about 3G not improving since his amateur days, or how he's clearly not a light middleweight?"

First part, please. Yeah he's clearly not a junior middle, but I'd like to hear your tale on both actually.

You know I love your gems and teachings.



"I personally have been knowing GC near my whole life. And you are right. He plays chess. Does crossword puzzles. Play cards. He is sharp with electronics. He's well read. He's quick witted. He eats a lot cold-watered fish, nut, seeds. He's musical. As you have hinted, he's brainy. And all the pugs who I know, and who are not punchy are brainy. Holla!"

There you go!

I know nothing about the guy and have never met him.

I read a pretty decent article about all this in a science magazine years ago and found it fascinating, as without doubt (in my personal view too) it seems to be theory that holds water.



"Thanks for your input, Storm! Can you elaborate on this, please? :)

Interesting if you're into satire, maybe. Ha!"

Which bit?

The part about 3G not improving since his amateur days, or how he's clearly not a light middleweight?


the Roast:

Thanks guys. Off the top of my head I believe I am the sixth leading poster of all time in TSS recorded history. RG, B-Sug, Ameyseng, Deepwater, the Shadow are 1-5. Number 6 all time in a group like this is pretty cool. I couldn't do it without you guys and all the great TSS writers and the fighters past and present who inspire us to come out writing. Love to all who bring it here everyday, week, or month. You don't have to be the most active to be great. Come one, come all!


Radam G:

Both of you guys are right. It is 10oz and below the maximum weights of 147lbs and 154lbs. Holla!



Nice work Roast! 2k posts and consistently killin' em!


Radam G:

"I saw the movie RG, it happened. Never got up. Houdini escaped a straight jacket and chains upside down underneath water but one body punch and it was all over.
Ask Virgil Hill. He hasn't forgot."

Hehehehehe! You are crazy, MAN! Forever the comic, you are. But that was cold the way Superman Roy Jones Jr broke Virgil Hill's ribs that night. Holla!


the Roast:

I saw the movie RG, it happened. Never got up. Houdini escaped a straight jacket and chains upside down underneath water but one body punch and it was all over.
Ask Virgil Hill. He hasn't forgot.


the Roast:

I remember Cam F Awesome! He defeated I P Freely by UD and beat Hoo Flung Poo by SD in Japan back in the day.


Radam G:

"Not only do body punches cause long term damage, they can kill you on the spot. Do you all remember what killed Harry Houdini? Boom, body punch. Never got up."

Dang, tR! Don't come hard like that. You are scaring the hebejeebeez outta people. Hehe! Holla!


the Roast:

"Nice article! Bang the drums.

I do believe what he says, especially regarding Kovalev's willingness to fight whenever, wherever, but I have a hard time taking promoters at face value when they have an agenda to push.

I don't know, it's almost like an outlet publishing Serena Williams quotes from her Proactiv commercial.

"I had pimples," Williams said in a commercial appearance. "Now they're gone!"


Now the pie is too small for award and Golovkin. I'd like to know if they are just guessing or if they've actually sent any inquiries Goossen's way.

I'd take it with a grain of salt.

All in all, since 3K's guy is so adamant about Kovalev not giving a damn what weight, where and how he fights, why not offer a catch weight bout to Ward?

170? 171? He just fought Rodriguez at 170.

Make a public offer, make Ward duck you or step up to the plate. I don't think Kovalev loses any value after losing that fight either."

Don't be hating on my Girl Serena, I've never even seen her on a Proactive commercial. I always see the one with Adam Levine and I always want to choke slam him while watching it. If Serena trained as a fighter she would beat 3G. I don't know if she could make 160 but if she could he would get TKOed in 5.



Hahaha I like the comparison. Don't you see how the movie always ends though? The human soul has that touch of something that the robot can't counter. But yes GGG is a p4p beast and is loose in the jungle now and ready to cross paths with lions.


the Roast:

Andre who? Andre 3000 is more active than Andre Ward.



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