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Russell Jr Stops Gonzalez In Round Four

WBC champ Jhonny Gonzalez defended his feather crown against fleet-fisted Gary Russell Jr, in a puncher vs boxer scrap presented on Showtime, from the Palms in Las Vegas. Ah, but who is the puncher? Russell on Saturday night knocked Gonzo down the end of the third, to start the fourth and then had the ref hop in to end things at the start of the fourth, as he hit the deck again. 37 seconds elapsed and Tony Weeks halted the event. Russell drew scorn for taking on low tier comp coming up and this goes toward shoring up his rep. The 25-1...

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Jermell Charlo Beats Vanes Martirosyan UD10

In the Showtime TV opener, from the Palms in Las Vegas, we saw Vanes Martirosyan meet Jermell Charlo in a 154 pound showdown, a clash between one guy who has sniffed the mountain top and another who wants to see what all the fuss is about. Charlo landed about twenty more shots, and took a UD10, by 97-93, 96-94, 96-94, but neither man left viewers craving to see them more. Vanes sadly won't get to the mountain apex with such efforts and Charlo won't become the star he says he wants to be. The hitters had been friendly, had worked out...

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DOWN GOES DAN: Four Knocks and Out, Brook Gets W in England

The Special One is what they call the current pride of Sheffield, Kell Brook, and he defended his IBF welterweight crown against Jo Jo Dan in England on Saturday, in a manner which suggested his nickname isn't a hyperbolic reach. This bout ran on Showtime, and their viewers saw the 28-year-old Brook start strong and finish it early, as overmatched Dan hit the deck four times, with his corner saying no mas before the fifth started. The Brit, now 34-0 (23 Ks), had good luck with his right against the lefty, promoted by Lou Dibella. We saw...

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Golovkin-Monroe: Swarmer vs. Boxer, Who Has The Advantage?

The upcoming middleweight title bout between WBA/IBO champ Gennady Golovkin 32-0 (29) and southpaw Willie Monroe Jr. 19-1 (6) represents the classic boxer (Monroe) versus swarmer (Gokovkin) clash. It's also one of the match ups in which many cook-book boxing analyst will come out from under the woodwork to inject their perfect world strategy and fight plans. You know the ones who will either write an article or post a YouTube video which brilliantly, so they think, deduces how Golovkin has to force Monroe to the ropes and into the corners...

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Golden Boy Files Suit Against Jhonny Gonzales and Promociones del Pueblo

Boxing fans are acquainted with the tectonic shifts which sent out deeply echoing rumbles the last couple years, and really kicked off when Team HBO drew a line in the sand, with a lightsaber, and declared they wouldn't do any more business with Golden Boy Promotions, Oscar De la Hoya's outfit which back in March 2013, was being mostly run by Richard Schaefer. That ruling, which meant that Al Haymon would not be able to have HBO as a check-furnisher for his stable of boxers, set in motion a re-shift of players, alliances and allegiances....

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THE OPTIMISTIC TAKE: Al Haymon Has the Crystal Ball

So many good things happening in boxing I cannot even count. We don’t have to talk about the Roc Nation infusion and Sergey Kovalev. Terrace Crawford. Gennady Golovkin. Wladimir Klitschko fighting in the United States again, slowly bringing heavyweight boxing back. Miguel Cotto/Amir Khan calling each other out. Khan says everyone’s name in the book, flipping pages through top ten lists at or near 147 pounds saying, “Hey, fight me!’ I am ready to beat all of you.” Funny thing; Khan can probably do it. I ran into Frank Gore about...

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Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao

showtimesportstochroniclethemostanticipatedeventoftheyearwithqinsidemayweathervspacquiaoq #MayPac
SHOWTIME Sports To Chronicle The Most Anticipated Event Of The Year With "INSIDE MAYWEATHER vs. PACQ...

SHOWTIME SPORTS® TO CHRONICLE THE MOST ANTICIPATED EVENT OF THE YEAR WITH “INSIDE MAYWEATHER vs. PACQUIAO” Four-Part Documentary Series To Include The Network’s Distinctive And Award-Winning “Epilogue” Episode; Series Premieres Saturday, April 18, Only On SHOWTIME® (Photo Credit: SHOWTIME) NEW YORK (March 27, 2015) – SHOWTIME Sports® offers viewers exclusive access to Floyd “Money” Mayweather and the most anticipated event of the year with “INSIDE MAYWEATHER vs. PACQUIAO,” an intimate four-part documentary series...

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mannycampupdate #MayPac
Manny Camp Update

There will be sparring today, maybe eight or nine rounds, after doing eight on Tuesday, and there was mitt-work yesterday, about 14 rounds worth…and by all accounts, all systems are go for Manny Pacquiao. The Congressman is doing his usual expert job at juggling, maintaining his smile and grace as he does media at the famed and fabled Wild Card, pulling the promotional wagon for the May 2 clash against Floyd Mayweather, who seems to prefer to let the Filipino blare the bugle, and hype the event. Roach is happy with what he sees, as is...

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mayweathervspacquiaohugsnotdrugsplease #MayPac
Mayweather vs Pacquiao - Hugs, Not Drugs, Please..

There's an annual list released by various financial publications which tally the absolute richest individuals on the planet in chronological order. Whether it's Carlos Slim Helu, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison or any other name, no algorithm is needed in terms of what their net worth entails and how it's managed. In short, it wouldn't be worth their respective time to stop, turn around and pick up a one hundred dollar bill should they drop one or two on the sidewalk. Likewise, if we're to believe everything we read, see or hear about the seven...

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floydjudahsparringistalkofthetown #MayPac
Floyd-Judah Sparring Is Talk of the Town

Ah, the gamesmanship. My guy is looking aces in camp. Oh, but my guy is looking like aces plus. The salesmanship, the wording meant to convey to the world that their man is destined to have the camp of of his life and thus is that much more likely to get the W on May 2... We heard that Manny looked sharp and was dialed in mentally last week from Freddie Roach, when he started sparring. Then, the one-upsmanship. Floyd Mayweathers' Uncle Jeff told writer David Mayo of Michigan Live that Floyd was looking like a mini Liston in camp, and was...

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mannywelcomestebowtolatrainingcamp #MayPac
Manny Welcomes Tebow To LA Training Camp

The second of May cannot come fast enough. Legends in regard to the origin of the month's name trace back to the Roman goddess Maiesta, the patron deity of honor and reverence. Lo and behold, one of the sporting world's purest examples of both such qualities, Tim Tebow, paid a visit to Manny Pacquiao's Los Angeles training camp on Saturday. Although through no fault of his own, the former University of Florida Heisman- winning quarterback became a bit of a novelty in the NFL alongside a few memorable games with the Denver Broncos. There's...

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countdowntomayweatherpacquiaomayweathersmostvirtuosoperformance #MayPac
Countdown To Mayweather-Pacquiao: Mayweather's Most Virtuoso Performance

Love him or loathe him, Floyd Mayweather has been the most complete boxer in the sport for the past decade. I think you could make a cogent argument that as of May 2015, neither he nor is his upcoming opponent Manny Pacquiao occupy the top two p4p spots in boxing today, but it wasn't long ago that they did. In the ring throughout his career, Mayweather has been so resourceful and confident. You can see during the course of his bouts that he just knows down to his core that he has the needed physical tools, and the aptitude to direct them so...

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