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The Commish:

Michael Woods joined Gerry Cooney & me on our SiriusXM show last night and talked about the GGG was not his usual, smiling he blew off several reporters whom he had promised interviews to...and how he looked tighter than anybody remembers seeing him.

I suppose it had to happen eventually. That always shining, smiling, jovial face of GGG has turned sullen and serious. I can't blame him. It's hours before the fight. In MSG. On HBO. Against perhaps the best opponent he has ever been in with. Talks of future mega-fights are swirling around. Cotto. Chavez. Alvarez. Ward. $$$May.

How could he NOT be serious?

At the bell, GGG will have his fight face on--and take care of business. He will methodically stalk Geale and begin to break him down. I expect it'll take time and rounds, but Geale will not be able to withstand the assault, and crumble by the 10th round.

After the victory, GGG's smile will return, along with his jovial demeanor.

Until then, he's all business.

-Randy G.



I don't think Dirrell has what it takes to be a top guy . He came up short when it counted time and time again.His style is hard to watch, he may be fast but he is running, slipping and sliding all over the ring. He used a doctors note to get out of fighting Ward and I would think that GGG would hunt him down and get him out of there before the final bell. Andre Ward has a chance to win against GGG but Andre Dirrell has no chance. Why wouldn't Al Haymon sign Dirrell? He is signing anyone he can get Sam Watson's hands on. He is trying to build up his stable. He can throw Dirrell to the Lions and still get his "advisors" fee. Who is Dirrell 's manager ? And who is his promoter ?


The Commish:

I saw Chris Algieri edging Ruslan Provodnikov, while so many around me had Provodnikov winning.

On September 21, 1985, Larry Holmes took his 48-0 record into the ring in Las Vegas to face Michael Spinks and his 29-0 record. A win here would tie Rocky Marciano's 49-0 record.

The no knockdown affair wasI thought--dominated by Holmes' longer, more effective jab. Spinks was never able to land his vaunted right hand, "The Spinks Jinx."

Going into the 15th and final round, I had Holmes ahead, 135-131. A consensus of those around me in press row had it the same or close to the same. All had Holmes ahead.

Even though Spinks took the 15th round, closing the gap, I still had Holmes ahead, 144-141. The AP had Holmes by the same score, while the UPI had it much wider--146-141--for Holmes.

When ring announcer Chuck Hull said, "We have a unanimous decision," I and then read the cards, there was no question that Holmes had just won his 49th bout, tying Marciano's seemingly insurmountable 49-0 reecord. After reading the cards, which were 145-142 twice and 143-142, Hull paused and said, "AND NEW!..."

There was an explosion of disbelief, especially from the Holmes camp. The ex-champ waved his arms derisively at the commission table, letting them know of his displeasure with the decision.

This is the fight, where,in his postfight interview, Holmes said, to the world watching on HBO, "I'm 35 and fighting young guys. Rocky Marciano was 25 and fighting old guys. Rocky Marciano could not have carried my jockstrap!"

The remark brought a landslide of heat and venom down on Holmes. It was a remark he later apologized for, though I know, from countless chats with Holmes, he will always feel he could have--and would have--beaten "The Rock."

But on that day, at the Riviera Hotel, I know I watched a fighter win--who didn't get the decision.

-Randy G.



@ michael woods

hey bro, im not trying to be an a-hole or anything, but isn't Cotto Puerto Rican? it caught my eye right away in paragraph 2, when u said the filipino and mexican were surefire hall of famers....



If I wore tattoos my first choice would be "Middleweight for Life".


The Shadow:

"Nice effort Storm....can't wait for the opportunity to respond. Enjoy the GGG fight tonight ...there will never be another like him."

Do you really think he's that good? I like his body work and poise. Other than that, I really don't know...

Hey, speaking of which, Andre Dirrell, the guy who I think beats him -- or at least builds a huge points lead before getting stopped -- finally got his release from SMS Promotions.

He's supposed to be linking back up with Al Haymon, though this is just speculation at this point. If Haymon takes him back, then wow. Good dude. Say whatever you want but he cares about the fighters when no one else does.



Nice effort Storm....can't wait for the opportunity to respond. Enjoy the GGG fight tonight ...there will never be another like him.


Bernie Campbell:

Danny jacobs? sell out? Whuts he gonna do give his review on Beyoneces latest recording? may i ssk what distinguishes danny jacobs as a fighter and boxing personality that he scores?


The Commish:

Was it a stroke? Heart attack?

Our prayers are with the Fury family?

-Randy G.


The Commish:

I'm sure we all hope for the best for Uncle Hughie. He's in my thoughts and prayers today.

-Randy G.



Yeah for me the middleweight division has the perfect blend of power and mobility, personified by guys like RJJR.


Radam G:

No way Tyson "Fists of" Fury is getting cold feet. He pulled out of the bout because of the old unc. Holla!


Radam G:

Wow! Holla!


dino da vinci:

"I've seen my share of bad decisions. I've also seen fights where I thought the judges got it right although the consensus was that one fighter got robbed. A case in point: the 1999 match between Oscar de la Hoya and Felix Trinidad.

No one disputes the fact that Oscar screwed up royally when he went on his bicycle in the homestretch. But the general feeling was that he did enough to win the fight. The New York Times scribe, Tim Smith, wrote that Oscar "seemed in control from start to finish." Both LA Times reporters -- Steve Springer and Tim Kawakami -- and the Associated Press had it 115-113 for the Golden Boy. Their tallies were in accord with the CompuBox punch stats which showed that DLH was the busier man.

They billed this match, a title unification bout between undefeated welterweights, as the "Fight of the Millennium." The fight was so big that it pushed me out of the ringside press section into an auxiliary press area roughly half way up to the last row in the arena.

When the fight ended, I made eye contact with people around me, stretched out my hands, palms up, scrunched my face into a quizzical expression, and wordlessly asked "who won?". Without exception, they pointed to Trinidad's corner. I felt the same way. If memory serves, I had Trinidad winning six rounds and scored three rounds even.

Two of the judges saw it similarly. Trinidad won a majority decision and many ringside reporters would write that Oscar was robbed. Those reporters had a better vantage point than me, but I'll forever wonder what all the fuss was about.

Sometimes a "godawful" decision wasn't so awful at all, at least in your eyes. And perhaps you kept your opinion to yourself to avoid being ridiculed. Care to venture any examples where you sided with the judges against the majority?"

I think all you need to know is that the legendary (not overused here) Gil Clancy told him to bike it. Would have been my exact sentiment. We know what late rounds Tito won, please share what the early ones were. I thought it was a clinic.



"Really? I have the attention span of a gnat."

That's your libido messing with you - always thinking about girls in skirts chasing a ball on a court can do that to a man.


dino da vinci:

I've read deep into this post by Storm and keep reading and re-reading that KT kept putting all his belts on the line although he didn't need to. Years ago if you lost a fight at the weight you're champion, you're no longer champion. Much like why a heavyweight champion cannot have a non-title fight. If he loses, how can he still be the champion? All other divisions can circumvent this by fighting one pound over their strap limit. At the strap limit if you don't win, how can you still be considered champ?

Side note. Jake "The Snake" may be a great guy, but if the question was name the most ordinary guys to ever hold a major title and I didn't name him within five, sure sign I have the onset of Alzheimers.


the Roast:

"Indeed. I was reading the whole thing and I kept thinking, "Man, I hope others read this, too!"

And what is he doing? He's off somewhere teaching and preaching the reality of the sweet science -- and I'm pretty sure he does it well, too!"

Really? I have the attention span of a gnat. I was thinking,"Man this is so endless, who would actually read all of this? Where are the pendulum graphics? Good to see Paris Hilton get some pub, where has she been? Hey the Walking Dead season 5 trailer looks good, these ShoBox fights are sucking so far, Stormcentre is totally Kostya Tszyu I don't care what anyone says. Do we have any ice cream?"


The Shadow:

Should be good! Hope he has a good run. This man knows his stuff, doesn't he? Eric Gomez is already a good matchmaker. Now it should be even better.


The Shadow:

It's there to protect fighters, yes. Yet people are suing one guy for violating the act -- the same guy notorious for cutting into promoters' margin for the benefit of fighters.

Am I the only one confused here?


The Shadow:

"Money May didn't say the name of the gloves. And he wouldn't because that is free publicity for that brand of glove. He simply said that Chino is unfairly trying to win against an "A-side fighter," and that was not going to happen. "He's going to wear the gloves that we tell him to.... Or it won't be a fight."

And like a man -- knowing that he didn't put it the contact -- Chino manned up and fought. And did okay. Lesson LEARNED! Put it in the contract. Or the champ is going to find an excuse to mess with you. It is call gaming. Controlling and throwing the first figurative punch. If you played slow, you don't get the first throw. And don't assume anything, just be in da know. Holla!"

Yup! You NAILED it! Floyd almost NEVER gives out free publicity. This is why he doesn't talk about other fighters, this is why he deflects questions and this is why he'll rather pretend he "don't even know who that is!"

One time on no Showtime telecast, they were asking him to name his toughest fight -- Emmanuel Augustus -- he knew he was on the big stage so he was battling in his head whether he should say the name or not.

Instead of giving the guy a plug, he started dropping hints to the ignorant announcer/interviewer who proceeded to say, "Castilo?"

"Nah. The other g-..."




Finally, likely thinking, "F*** it, I'll give him some ink," Floyd deliberately said, "Burton," leaving out the Augustus. "Emmanuel Burton."

Then this one slick British interviewer tried to get Floyd to speak on the Carl Froch-George Groves We,belt Starium fight so the dude could run with the headline "Mayweather: Like I Said Before, Carl Froch Is Truly Amazing" and get a ton of UK web hits.

Instead Floyd pulled his standard non-answer by giving a totally different, irrelevant answer. " He's savvy that way.

What's funny is people think he's stupid when he does that. But he does it on purpose. I know because he's said so.

He doesn't like when people make money off of him without him getting a cut.

And why should he? LOL.

When asked, dude wouldn't even talk about his little brother. (He doesn't really know him, which may be true.)

So yes, Radam, that is EXACTLY it! Hahaha...


The Shadow:

"You put your argument forward perfectly Stormcentre, very informed, it was a pleasure to read.

Anyone know how Kostya is getting on in Moscow these days? Would be a delight to know."

Indeed. I was reading the whole thing and I kept thinking, "Man, I hope others read this, too!"

And what is he doing? He's off somewhere teaching and preaching the reality of the sweet science -- and I'm pretty sure he does it well, too!


The Shadow:

"That is a more accurate description of 3G.

Make no mistake the boy can bang, but he is no cutie and he has NOT accomplished what Kostya has.

Nowhere near it, as the proof shows."

Can't argue with proof. I completely agree (not that I can disagree; I can only chose to like it or not).

Hype - facts = Storm's Golovkin dissertation. Regardless of what people may think about Golovkin, the reality is he has feasted on inferior opposition with his best scalp being a No. 7 contender at best.

I'd even go as far to say that Vasyl Lomachenko faced a tougher guy in his debut than GGG faced in several -- or at least one -- of his fringe title fights.

One interesting point you mentioned is the perception that a fighter must rise in weight to to be considered elite. Such humbug. Bernard Hopkins completely dominated his weight class for years and years.

That in itself is impressive. I bet this is why Andre Ward wants to stay at 168 -- you clean out your division and then take on all comers. I'm sure he wants to be known as the greatest super middleweight of all time.

Just like K-Zoo wanted to stake his claim to all-time 140 supremacy. I can dig it.

In Brownsugar's defense, which you also allude to, there was the possibility of a Maywathe-Tszyu fight on the horizon. And to be fair, just because a formal offer was never sent doesn't mean there wasn't interest. Floyd wanted it.

But like Lou DiBella says, "sometimes guys just don't intersect."

And isn't funny how popularity -- or lack thereof -- sometimes obscures the reality of legacies?

Always found that fascinating.


Radam G:

"Yep I agree with ya about the colors.

The sweet science is deep for sure.

I know FMJ is sly, but he made a comment that Chino was trying to cheat to beat him by using those Everlast MX gloves. That could make the company look frivolous itself."

Money May didn't say the name of the gloves. And he wouldn't because that is free publicity for that brand of glove. He simply said that Chino is unfairly trying to win against an "A-side fighter," and that was not going to happen. "He's going to wear the gloves that we tell him to.... Or it won't be a fight."

And like a man -- knowing that he didn't put it the contact -- Chino manned up and fought. And did okay. Lesson LEARNED! Put it in the contract. Or the champ is going to find an excuse to mess with you. It is call gaming. Controlling and throwing the first figurative punch. If you played slow, you don't get the first throw. And don't assume anything, just be in da know. Holla!



"Don't let Money May play optical illusions on you. He never said that the gloves were "unsafe." He said that he was concerned about his safety. And Money May is tricking and dˇ˘king again. He didn't name of any glove provider "deliberately" issuing "unsafe glove($) to" "give Chino (and nobody else) an advantage."

It is a long-time fact in boxers that some fighters want gloves thick in leather and other fighters prefer gloves thick in padding.

Money May played Chino by Team Maidana's inattention blindness to put Chino's wanted type of gloves in the contract before the bout. In boxing, everything is negotiable and should be agreed upon in the contract before the bout. Or one fighter -- "especially the so-called A fighter -- can pull out.

The game is not only seedy, shady, sleazy and sneaky, it is straight weird to those who are not in it and/or in da know. And how weird and petty to those in it and should know it.

One thing that you will notice in boxing, is that you hardly ever see an opponent wearing orange or brown trunks. I use to make sure that it was in my contract that they would not.

More people don't know syet about the mystic powers of colors. Fighters, who already move around slow, are slowed down even more and are what boxers call "mind f**ked by those two colors. And don't even know it. [Why do you think that prisoners are dressed in orange in the penitentiary? And officers -- even in the military -- wear brown the world over. Because it is a way of controlling and throwing around power on slow arses. I shyt you not.

Take note how the color of all gloves was once brown. Slow-arse boxers have halted that. They didn't and don't want an opponent wearing brown-or-orange colored gloves if they can prevent it. Those the-in-coming gloves slow slow-moving boxers down even more and mind f**ked them and make them unable to concentrate and flow. Don't take my word for ask the experts. Ask Everlast why it quit making brown gloves. Ask the Olympic Committee of every country why was brown-colored gloves halted of usage in the O-games.

Boxing is known as "the sweet science." And you can bet your arse that it is. The science of things that would not even cross your mind in a zillion years are in this game.

There are optical illusions and tricks of the trade everywhere. Don't get mind f**ked by 'em. Follow the science and follow the money. And you will see the light. Ain't nuffin' but a fight. Holla!"

Yep I agree with ya about the colors.

The sweet science is deep for sure.

I know FMJ is sly, but he made a comment that Chino was trying to cheat to beat him by using those Everlast MX gloves. That could make the company look frivolous itself.


Radam G:

I actually understood what all the fuss was about in Pacquiao-Marquez I. Marquez was lucky to get a draw, though he won the most rounds. -- 7-4-1, Da Manny won the fight by points.

Fight fans always want their pug to get the verdict based on the most rounds won and will always bytch. But the game is based on a point system -- not a round one.

In Fight II, Da Manny won the most rounds -- 6-5-1 -- and got a knockdown for two extra points. So he won on points.

In Bout III Da Manny won 7 round to five. And Nacho had Marquez thinking that he was winning, so Marquez gave the last two rounds away with a bytch-arse prevent defense. Thus Marquez lost on points.

In Fight IV, Hulkquez showed up and was getting his arse handed to him, so Marquez showed up, stepped on the ˘o©ksure PacMan's foot and lotto KHTFO. Da Manny was winning on point.

There will no Bout V. If so, Hulkquez/Marquez is getting KTFO. Holla!


dino da vinci:

"The word "legendary" is over-used, but not in Chargin's case. He's 86 years old now, which makes him older than fellow octogenarians Arum and King, and apparently still very sharp. I can't imagine that any promoter ever staged as many fan-friendly fights."

Certainly one of three or four names I would have considered. Should have announced it sooner. All in all a great choice.


Radam G:

"KT is doing well as a trainer. He set himself up with some good investments so he is OK with money. Check out some of his old school training techniques."

Thanks for revealing that, D2. When I've told haters that is what boxers do -- old skool turning and burning, such as spinning in circles, catching coins instead of chasing chicken -- Big Screen Rocky syet -- and punching through even newspaper, the hater caught tudes. Holla!


Radam G:

The act has accomplished nothing. Things are going as usual. Holla!



The word "legendary" is over-used, but not in Chargin's case. He's 86 years old now, which makes him older than fellow octogenarians Arum and King, and apparently still very sharp. I can't imagine that any promoter ever staged as many fan-friendly fights.


The Shadow:

Floyd Mayweather-Jose Luis Castillo I. As is often the case, myth has overtaken reality with that one.

Bernard Hopkins-Joe Calzaghe when I initially watched it. I thought Joe won pretty handily. I've since changed a bit but that's what I thought at the time.


It was a MD for Chad but I think that was a clear victory for Bernard. People were just so ready for him to be gone (especially after the first stinker where they thought Bernard faked it) that they saw that fight entirely from Dawson's vantage point.

Hopkins was quicker, stronger, smarter -- almost everything they said Dawson would be. But when you watch a fight from the perspective of one guy, then you can usually see what you want.

To this day, people will insist Dawson won with ease. I did watch it extremely closely -- which I doubt few others we dare lol -- and I thought of it as a clear Hopkins victory, even though there was a lot of fuss about the draw card.

Of course the Canelo-Lara fight. I don't get that at all. Dandy Landy was acting all hard at the weigh-in and the staredown with his head tilted like he was gonna do something.

"I wanna break his face," he said. Yeah, right. From sweating maybe. I'm sure Canelo was struggling to keep up.

Other than that, I can't think of too many.

Maybe Roy Jones vs Samsung Park (forgot his exact name) in the Olympic finals. Didn't see what the fuss was about. The Korean clearly gave him that work. Everybody knows what time it is.

Xenophobia ran wild like Hulkamania. Shoulda been Parkamania. But the '88 Olympics were riddled in scandal. This was no different.



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