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Spike TV Previews Its Debut PBC Boxing Event With "LIGHTS OUT"

“LIGHTS OUT” – SPIKE TV Boxing is back! “Premier Boxing Champions” on Spike showcases the world's greatest practitioners of the sweet science. Before the fireworks explode in the ring, viewers will get an exclusive inside-look at the fighters as they prepare for battle in the one-hour special, “Lights Out,” premiering Friday, March 6 at 9:00pm ET/PT. “Lights Out” will span the globe to give viewers a compelling behind-the-scenes view of each action-packed event. In this premier episode, “Lights Out” travels to Andre...

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Cotto Lost and Regained

When Miguel Cotto entered the ring against Antonio Margarito on July 26, 2008, he did so as more than a well thought-of champion. With a record of 32-0 and 26 knockouts, Cotto was on the short list of best pound for pound fighters in the world. He had recent wins over near peak-level fighters like Shane Mosley and Zab Judah. When the bell sounded for round one, he was the favorite. Early on, Cotto made the odds-makers look wise. His superior skill, hand speed, and activity kept him in control of the early rounds. However, his fortunes...

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Crawford vs. Dulorme Is ON; April 18, from Texas, on HBO

FIGHTER OF THE YEAR TERENCE "BUD" CRAWFORD RETURNS FOR 2015 RING DEBUT! Terence Crawford vs. Thomas Dulorme Battle for Vacant WBO World Jr. Welterweight Title Saturday, April 18 At College Park Center at University of Texas Arlington Televised Live on HBO® Tickets Go On Sale Tomorrow! Friday, March 6 at 10 AM CT ARLINGTON, TX (March 5, 2015) -- Undefeated World Boxing Organization (WBO) lightweight champion and the Boxing Writers Association of America's (BWAA) Fighter of the Year TERENCE "Bud" CRAWFORD is movin' on up -- to the...

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Miguel Cotto Joins the Roc Family, Fighting June 6 in NYC, Foe TBD

Miguel Cotto, the 34-year-old future Hall of Famer, announced that he would be joining Roc Nation's boxing department on ESPN's First Take program on Thursday morning. The move shows that the Jay Z crew is dead serious about being a mega-player in the boxing space, if their signing of Andre Ward didn't already show that. Cotto then took questions at an intimate lunch in NYC, at the tony 21 Club on 52nd St. and told media that he will fight June 6, in NYC, venue and TV and foe TBA. The fighter said that he aligned with Roc because they...

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The Heavyweight We Need

One of the best heavyweights in the world climbs the rickety stairs at Main Street Boxing Gym in downtown Houston, Texas on a fair-weathered winter’s day in February. He carries his own bags up the narrow, wooden pathway to the second-story workout room where he intends to wrap his own hands and work out alongside two other fighters who are already up there shadowboxing. He and the other two men will not speak. They are only connected by their vocations and their movements around the carpeted gym floor. The heavyweight who just entered the...

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Chilemba, Lepikhin Beneficiaries of Boxing’s Blended Brand of Immigration Reform

The debate over immigration reform continues to rage in the United States Congress, but two fighters from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean are finding that temporarily sweating in pursuit of their boxing dreams while in the U.S. – or, for that matter, in Canada or Mexico – is enough to qualify them as semi-official North Americans. To some – say, those geographically-challenged U.S. citizens who can’t quite remember that Pierre is the capital of South Dakota, or that Montpelier is the capital of Vermont -- it might seem odd that...

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Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao

beawaremayweatherpacquiaowillnotlooklikegattiward1 #MayPac
Be Aware, Mayweather-Pacquiao Will Not Look Like Gatti-Ward 1

I'm worried, my friends. I am worried that we are in a place where we are setting ourselves up to over-promise, and under-deliver. The Fight, I'm talking about. On May 2, we are going to get a couple million folks who really never watch boxing, maybe never have, or maybe last did when Tyson was still the Baddest Man on the Planet, instead of a cartoon character. (Literally, he has his own cartoon, I'm not busting chops!) And many of those folks will have been lured in by the hype. They are hearing the trumpets blaring, and seeing snippets...

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countdowntomayweatherpacquiaolegitsuperfightormanufacturedone #MayPac
Countdown To Mayweather-Pacquiao: Legit Super Fight Or Manufactured One?

Starting with this column I'll be doing one article per week, Countdown To Mayweather-Pacquiao, until the fight, examining it from different angles. I'll cover their best fights, what a win or a loss means for each fighter, who will win and why, and more. Is the upcoming spectacle between welterweight title holders Floyd Mayweather 47-0 (26) and Manny Pacquiao 57-5-2 (38) a legitimate Super Fight? The obvious answer to that has to be yes since it will no doubt be the highest grossing fight in fistic history. And a lot of that has to do with...

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mayweatherpacquiaoandthehappymedia #MayPac
Mayweather, Pacquiao and the Happy Media

All was quiet for so very on long on the western as well as eastern fronts. External pressures at last forced the sport of boxing's two biggest commodities to paint themselves into such a corner that verbal jabs were no longer sufficient. The only corners that would matter this time would be the four which help encompass the squared circle. The only jabs would be the ones that snap at the elbow in the hopes of creating the perfect effect. Would the forthcoming titanic matchup between Manny and Money have been as popular as the memes which...

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Mayweather-Pacquiao Is ON; May 2, Las Vegas

They flirted, danced, dated, split up, engaged in a back and forth spat which raged on, interrupted by periods of hoped for reconciliation…only to see the wholeprocess repeated. Boxing has never and hopefully will never again see a silly saga like the Mayweather-Pacquiao negotiations…which have cometo a close, praise to the heavens, with the word that boxing's two main drivers will fight each other, on May 2, in Las Vegas. Even non-believers, concrete atheists, found themselves thankingtheHeavenswhen they...

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