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The Shadow:

Quick question. What is the problem between Golden Boy Productions and HBO ?"

The head of HBO sports Ken Hershman doesn't want to air their fights. He got petty after Mayweather signed with Showtime and felt the need to retaliate. That simple.

Blinded by his power, he, and many media, thought GBP would suffer and ultimately be more reasonable once HBO again would hold the leverage since he once ran Showtime and figured their budget would run dry.

Instead the opposite happened, HBO has a struggling boxing franchise and their budget, on all accounts, has been reduced.

Stupid move.

Them again, hindsight is 20/20.



Quick question. What is the problem between Golden Boy Productions and HBO ?



Yeah I don't believe for 1 bit he's gonna retire next year, if he can navigate his way to 49-0, he's definitely gonna "renegotiate" his Showtime Deal..

I can see him asking for a $50Million Guarantee for his 50th fight....


The Shadow:

Here's another great nickname:

"Sugar" Nikolai Valuev AKA "Sugar Nicky V" AKA "SNV."

Epic on so many levels.



wow great discussion from all...

The Hitman, the motor city cobra

hands of stone.

the black mamba...

smokin joe

those are all of my favorites..

think about how great boxing is. not only do you legally get to punch another human being, and get paid for

it, but you can also get a fantastic nickname, as an adult man and no one questions it.!!!!!!!!!!!!

unless its "the molester" hahaha


Radam G:

Wonderful job! Pugilistic Forensic Analyst, L-WY. YOU da MAN!

Nonetheless, don't believe the hype. Money May will stay in da game much longer he says at this time.

I don't believe Money May for a bit. Holla!



Great Video.....

They should've added a part about his Right Hand Lead....



Here's where the Jordan-Mayweather comparison really falls apart:

Including commemorative issues, Michael Jordan has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated 57 times, the most of any athlete (Muhammad Ali is second with 38).

How often has Floyd Mayweather, Jr. made the cover of S.I.? The answer is a big fat zero.

Michael Jordan transcended his sport, becoming a global celebrity. Mayweather makes a lot of money, but his star will never shine as brightly.



My personal all time favorite " MR Nice Guy"



Jeez . Will it ever stop?



" title="HOW HE DOES IT: Mayweathers' Mastery Explained"

He's a master craftsman, all agree, even if there is debate when he refers to himself as "TBE," or The Best Ever.

Floyd Mayweather will do his thing, execute his mastery of the sweet science, in all of its intricacies on May 3, against Marcos Maidana.

Here's a video primer which will aid you as you watch the exhibition put on by "Money," which will allow you to better comprehend the methods he's used to get to 45-0.



Great work. I am so glad that about 35% of this breakdown was on the two things Floyd uses to get the advantage every time . Jab to the body. The illegal forearm / elbow that he uses on the inside. He is crafty enough to get away with it. Most boxers would get points for pulling it. Notice the refs are yelling break and stepping in while he is doing it, but then let the action continue . Hmmm? I actually saw Al Haymon on video in the stands at the Hatton fight. Stay in the shadows ,al Haymon . It's ok. Good sound track. Sounds like I'm at the coca cola club while watching this. Great video ! Bravo sir , Bravo.



Wow now I feel obsolete lol....ha!


Radam G:

"Ariza needs to keep his feet to himself. If any boxer or trainer reads Mackie Shilestones training books they will have all the training science they need. Mackie really lays out the nutrition,the speed and reaction drills,endurance,resistance training,supplementation in a great easy to read style. As far as illegal substances the TMT has a history of failed drug tests."

Double DITTO DAT! Holla at Da S-man's books. And you will have the whole nine. And it may get you into the boxing's BLINK-BLINK mine. Holla!



I rate Fury,Chisora,Perez,Jennings, Areola,Stermane,Haye if he comes back,even Briggs higher then Wilder at this point. The more guys he beats the higher he goes. I watched him on tape in the Olympics and he was hard to watch. Lets see how he does when he faces a guy that can take a punch or two and fire back. He has to get my respect the old fashioned way. He must earn it.



"Personally I record every thing I watch... So I can have a reference when choosing the outcome of the next fight.. I record everybody...champs, prospects, ESPN fights, boxing after dark... Hispanic boxing shows in Mexico... Amateur world series of boxing ... Bum of the month.. I don't care... But I go back and weed out the truly irrelevant stinkers once every 90 days."

I did that in 1999, for the whole year. Never done it again since, but man you must have a lot of tape to watch. A boxing library is the best.



We have had a lot of fights go the distance lately. I don't think I am going out on much of a limb by stating we get a lot of knockouts in this weekends action. I think even Klitschko, coming off his last performance and well aware this fight is being shown to an even broader US audience, scores an early knockout. The fight that has the best chance at being competitive this weekend and not ending in a knockout is the Figueroa-Belmontes fight.



I used to do so but as The Shadow stated with YouTube I have not found the need to do so recently.


The Good Doctor:

Nice assessment sir. I would add that I hope that Khan uses his smarts, not his heart in this fight. If he will use the strategy he used against Paulie, he could win this going away. However, Khan disregards his history and likes to trade. Makes for great viewing but man it gets him clocked often.

There is a side of me would love to see Collazo win because it would then put Floyd in a real strange position. There is no way he could push him versus Collazo as his next fight.


The Commish:

Ahh, another I forgot to mention, one which I had so much fun with.

The guy's name was Jose Baret. HZe was a welterweight, and promoted by Madison Square Garden Boxing. At the time, John F.X. Condon was the guy to deal with at MSG, and basically all of boxing in New York. He was a firey Irishman who knew only one way--his way.

Baret was managed by Howie Albert, who was also the co-manager of Emile Griffith (along with Gil Clancy). Albert and MSG moved Baret well from the time he turned pro in 1981, putting him on their cards at the Felt Forum against your typical opponent types. By late 1982, Condon had built Baret, whom he nicknamed "The Threat," into a 16-0 fighter with 15 knockouts, many of them in the first or second round. Condon, using his influence and MSG backing, convinced CBS to showcase their welterweight star on CBS in February 1983. CBS, with Gil Clancy as their analyst, chose young Marlon Starling to face "The Threat."

Condon told all who would listen that "The Threat" will destroy Starling, and then be poised to strike at the welterweight title. When the media asked me, then the Editor-in-Chief of The Ring, what I thought about Jose "The Threat" Baret, I said, "He may climb into that ring as 'The Threat,' but after the fight, we are going to be calling him Jose "Not Yet" Baret. Condon stopped talking to me.

It was an easy pick, however. "Not Yet" had been fed an array of stiffs and Sammy-lay-me-downs throughout his rise to his 16-0 record. Starling, whom I had seen in action before, could fight. It was very apparent. In front of a national audience, "Not Yet" was punished for three rounds before being knocked out in the fourth round. Condon didn't talk to me again until I became Commissioner five years later.

As for "Not Yet," he fought twice more in 1983, being knocked out both times.

So, "The Threat" Baret was a great nickname as he was blasting his way to a 16-0 record. "No Yet" Baret was just as appropriate for his last few fights.

He actually launched a comeback 10 years later, which went nowhere. He still wasn't ready. "Not Yet," anyway. In fact, not ever.

-Randy G.

-Randy G.



"Keith Thurman is generating a lot of buzz and he has an opportunity this Saturday to make some more noise
and possibly join the Mayweather sweepstakes. Everybody loves a puncher."

The thing with Thurman is that he was a puncher. Now he knows how to box. He's sparred a lot of everybody, been the full 12 and has serious power in both hands. Now he's learning how to pace out the 12 rounds instead of bursting 100 punches a round. He has great footwork and ring generalship. He fights as if it's a dark alley the entire ring but he does with unorthodox boxing. It's great to watch and he's constantly improving. If he goes the distance with Floyd I don't think there's anyone who could beat him at 147.



"I know I shoulda put the "Black Mamba." But I didn't think that it was catchy. A couple of others that I will holla are: "The Bumble Bee" Campbell and "The Minister of Shock" Muphafa Muhammad. One more will be: Willie "The Dancing Master of Disaster" Pastrano." Somebody else can holla about nickname of the late, great Willie Pep. Holla!"

You know the Black Mamba was a name that described him perfectly. He had a whip for a left jab.



If we wanted to carry this further, we could ask which boxer had the most ill-fitting nickname. For me that's an easy one: Bonecrusher Smith.

If a boxer has a mundane name like James Smith, a good nickname is imperative. But the name "Bonecrusher" would have been better suited to a boxer whose day job was that of a collector for a loan shark. Smith, who was raised on a tobacco farm, was reportedly the first heavyweight titlist (note I didn't say "champion") who had a college degree and he came across that way: well-read, well-spoken and completely free of false bravado.

Smith was a reluctant warrior. He was certainly reluctant the night he fought Mike Tyson. The wags re-named him "Boneclutcher."

Smith went on to become the chairman of the North Carolina boxing commission, a job that could not have consumed much of his time.



"Would love that fight... Guerrero is skilled and determined...and stubborn. Hayman has no choice but to match his own fighters ...there is no other place to go."

Keith Thurman is generating a lot of buzz and he has an opportunity this Saturday to make some more noise

and possibly join the Mayweather sweepstakes. Everybody loves a puncher.


The Shadow:

Great read, by the way. This is some truly epic sh*t.



Heavyweight champion Ingemar Johansson was known as "Ingo", and whenever he'd knocked someone out, the headlines said "Bingo". Kinda funny.

Agree with D2: The Manassa Mauler has something to it, fitting the man behind the name.


The Shadow:

"Does anyone know the PPV totals from this Fight???"

....though some people have told EM it's as low as 625,000!


The Shadow:

"Does anyone know the PPV totals from this Fight???"

Lol I was thinking the same thing. They have them, yet no one knows! When it's Floyd's fights, every reporter becomes a candidate for the Pulitzer, that's how well they investigate, anonymous sources and all.

That said, Kevin Iole reported that the total was estimated between 800,000 and 825,000, which is a very good number.


The Good Doctor:

"Who can beat him, though? It's hard to find a real challenge.

I don't believe Lara is a threat. People may say, should Thurman suddenly explode to #1 P4P, that Floyd ducked him, even though he's not a viable challenger at this point, kinda like the Paul Williams situation.

Who else? GGG. It's contractually impossible, not to mention the fact that GGG has never fought at 154 let alone 147...

Sergio Martinez, same thing. He's tied to HBO.

Regarding the Pacquiao situation, "I think people will say why didn't they fight each other, and blame both guys to be honest with you. Because the first negotiation we were against the blood test, and it was kinda our fault that the first time it didn't work."

- Freddie Roach.

Bradley isn't a threat, I think we all know that now. Neither is Marquez.

Who else do we really have?"

I agree with you, I don't think anyone now or in the last 20 years beats him but that is where the conundrum begins. We don't know because he never got in the ring with some of the guys that appeared to be able to push him for whatever reason. He is in the catbird seat right now though because most of the competition around him right now is not prepared for a step up to his level. With the exception of being caught with the "Antonio Tarverish" type punch, it is hard to see Floyd not finishing his career with a 0 at the end.

Unfortunately for Floyd, unlike most sports boxing weighs the merit of your competition almost as much as being a winner. This will always be the hole in Floyd's resume and it is a fair criticism.


Radam G:

"The Shadow is right. Some nicknames are just plan hokey. I'd put the one that Skibbz mentions, "The Hispanic Causin' Panic" on that list even though the holder, Juan Lezcano, thought that it was really cool.

I'm surprised no one mentioned Roger "Black Mamba" Mayweather. I asked Roger where that nickname came from and he said he came up with it himself.

Roger said he was watching a show on National Geographic and they had a segment about black mambas, the fasted, most aggressive, most venomous, most feared snake in Africa. Roger told me that it immediately struck him that "this little guy is just like me."

There are two problems with that explanation. First, it's hard to imagine Roger Mayweather watching National Geographic. Second, the black mamba is a really big snake, Klitschko-sized, and Roger's best weight was 130 pounds.

It's too bad Roger couldn't copyright that nickname. Kobe Bryant later seized it. It strikes me that Roger is entitled to some compensation, not that he needs the money. I'm guessing that his nephew keeps bowls of c-notes around the house and Roger just dips his hand in whenever he feels like it.

The most common nickname, far and away, is "Kid." A variation on it is "Schoolboy." They hark to the notion of a baby-faced assassin, the image of which is a good box-office stimulant."

I know I shoulda put the "Black Mamba." But I didn't think that it was catchy. A couple of others that I will holla are: "The Bumble Bee" Campbell and "The Minister of Shock" Muphafa Muhammad. One more will be: Willie "The Dancing Master of Disaster" Pastrano." Somebody else can holla about nickname of the late, great Willie Pep. Holla!



Does anyone know the PPV totals from this Fight???



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